Sunday, September 7, 2008

A neat thing happend on my way to a meeting

So I'm on my way to the city, metropolitan city, for a meeting for work. I was getting off the freeway and waiting at the light and this truck goes past me honking his horn, hanging out the driver's side window and then gave me the thumbs up. I smiled and waived back when it clicked, he did this because I have an Army Mom license plate holder in my rear window. It made me smile to know that others out there support us. This was not the first time, actually one other time that I was aware of, a car full of people drove by, honked and also gave me the thumbs up.

Since then, I've received my son's unit license plate holder and I placed that on my car as well. I'm proud of his division, 10th Mountain, stationed out of Ft. Drum, NY.

It reminds me why I started this blog, to remind others that there are real people out there going through deployments and not just the soldiers. To help the other moms not feel so alone. When my son is no longer active duty, I'll still be on here. I think it's important to help as many people as possible with military life. I hope to have a message board soon, but that is still a little ways out, still some matters to work out.

Anyway, Keep the faith, you're not alone and there's more support than you may realize, some are just quieter than others.

Army Mom Out