Thursday, May 15, 2008

Depression? Maybe, I'm exhausted.

So I'm home from work and really wish I could pick the winning lottery numbers. I don't want to go back to work, I'm sick of them. I've never met so many people with so much drama in their life or who can't seem to function without it. I'm tired of dealing with people who think their whole life is coming to an end because they stubbed their toe. You wanna talk about problems? How about your son being in a foreign country where half of the people like you and the other half is trying to kill you. You never really know if this is your last day on this earth or not. Let me stop before I really get on that particular rant. I'm just tired and pissy.

Mother's Day was really nice. My son sent me flowers. It made me smile. I took the flowers to work so I could have a little sunshine. I put his card on my computer so I could read it often. It too makes me smile and then think of how much I love and miss him. He said that he tried calling me the day before but I missed his call. On Mother's Day he had to go on a mission so he couldn't call me. I got my flowers though, all was right with the world for that moment in time. I still pray for God to keep him safe and his unit safe as well. I pray that he will come home safe and sound, alive and well, with all body parts working and his sense of humor intact. I wish I could have given him a big hug.

Well, I need to take a nap, I'm just emotionally drained tonight.

Army Mom Out