Tuesday, September 1, 2009

California: Boring would be good

I just don't know what to say except for boring would be good. I'm already hating the move because well, quite simply it's a lot of work to do on your own, that is no help from a moving company. My knees hurt, back hurts, feet hurts you name it, it hurts. So yesterday rolls around and about 2/3 of our stuff has been moved. Smaller items and the bed are pretty much all that is left. I arranged to have the utility companies and DirecTV to come out and do their do. I'm excited, we're almost done. I'm unpacking boxes now, got all the books back on the bookshelfs, need to unpack the kitchen, but got the bathroom all done, I'm on a roll and loving it. Soon I'll have TV. Yippee DirecTV is here to install the dish and get us rolling. Life is good.

What's that I hear outside? Damn. Mr. Deputy Sheriff, you say I'm in a mandatory evacuation zone now, and I have to grab what I can and flee my house? But, but, but, fine.....So my husband and I grabbed what was irreplaceable and left. Funny what goes through your mind though. I've always wondered why people want to stay when brush fires threaten their homes. I mean really, your life or your home. Ok, the first thing I thought of was, I"m not going to be one of those people who need to be rescued because they didn't leave when they were told. Then I thought, but I just moved all my stuff, we can't possibly take it all out. Grab the tv, grab the photos. No we'll be fine, I'm not leaving. I can't see any flames, we'll be fine, but as soon as we can see the flames, we'll leave. Ok, act like you've got some sense, get your shit and leave. And so we did. I now have a different perspective on why people stick around. I still don't think they should but I understand the thought process better. Even the little things such as books you don't want to leave behind, actually none of your stuff you wish to leave behind. In fact, I chose photos over clothes, so most of my clothes are still in the house. Now we wait and see what happens and say a lot of prayers.

Boring would be good.