Monday, March 30, 2009

Taking a breather

I actually miss posting here but I feel a little spread thin. Still trying to play referee to the puppy and the cat and cleaning up after the little destructo. She, the puppy, seems to fancy herself by tormenting the cat, pulling dishes out of the sink and watching them crash and break on the floor or play fighting with the other dog.

Work is interesting in that karma seems to be trying to make things right amongst some. That is, reality is kicking some in the butt.

Trying to keep the peace between my husband and son and crossing my fingers that my son gets a job. I also hope and pray that my son will get the help he needs. I suspect he is having more problems coping than he led us to believe. For example, I asked him to go to bed instead on sleeping on the couch and he responded by saying, I'm trying not to sleep. Hmmmmmm. I think he's having bad dreams of his past experiences. But how do I get him to get help......

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wow....Taking Chance

On a message board I frequent for Proud Army Moms, the buzz was this movie called "Taking Chance". Some days I'm brilliant and other days well it's amazing I'm a supervisor for an office. Anyway, the Army Moms were talking about this HBO movie and suggested viewing it. It took me a while to find it but I did and watched it. Ok, I teared up through the entire movie, starring Kevin Bacon. I recorded it and debated whether or not to tell my husband. He doesn't always like watching movies such as this. So I come home from work I'm tired and I started talking to my husband about the day's events and I get that look, you are disturbing me watching this show. He then said, you walked in on an emotional part of this movie and I'm trying to be heman like and not cry and you're ruining the moment. So I said "carry on" and turned to see what movie now he's watching, and thinking he was kidding and he's watching the History Channel or something. I turned to the tv and I said, "You're watching Taking Chance? I Tivo'd this, I can't believe you're watching this." His response, "can I finish this movie now?" lmao I got quiet and watched the movie again. He liked the movie but it is heart wrenching, especially since I kept thinking is this what JD, Duffy and Legg went through? I could only hope so. Apparently it is running a few times, so if you get the chance, (no pun intended) watch. However, be prepared, have tissues handy.